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  1. Craig Gilbert

    Two up on my 2004 Hinckley Bonnie with all the soft luggage in the third of four lanes traveling at about 80mph cars and lorries all around me on the antwerp ring road at rush hour which was covered in 6 inch deep grooves filled with water that the lorries have worn into the tarmac and suffering torrential rain the like of which I had never seen before or since when the bike cut out stone dead/lights as well. I coasted across three lanes of traffic without being hit miraculously and stopped under a motorway bridge, we jumped over the barrier and sheltered behind the bridge parapet out of the rain, five minutes later a van pulled up and made to pinch the bike... cheeky ***!!!

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  2. Malc Broadbent

    Returning home from Rome Harley Rally couple years ago passing through Germany on Motorway broke down in lashing rain. Stripped every tooth from the Fatboy drive belt. Boy am I glad the missus and I had out high vis on. The reflective strips on them did the job well. Lesson learned in heavy rain. Extra 2 days holiday in Koblenz for repairs and one on Netherlands. So glad we ended up in Koblenz, lovely place.

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  3. Rob Brookhouse

    Got caught in a cloudburst on the motorway in Brittany a couple of years back. We hadn't taken our wet weather gear out as the forecast was dry for the whole day. I literally emptied my boots out into the bath when we got back to the digs. Took two days for our gear to dry out. Lesson learnt.

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  4. Morris Bagnall

    Indy Motogp back to new Jersey 2014. 17 hours over two days in red cell rain. Tornado warnings and small twisters forming at the side of the road. Most frightening and exhilarating experience ever.

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  5. Martin Murray

    Rode to Jerez for MotoGP in 2004, p**!!d it down everyday apart from the day we arrived, rained race day big time and all the way home My R1 was 2 weeks old with 3k on the clock, felt like crying.

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  6. Portland House Keswick

    On our way to Austria riding on the motorway through Germany. Enormous hailstones falling out of the sky and nowhere to stop - the Germans in their BMW cars were parked under the motorway bridges!

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  7. David Harrold

    I live in Wales, it's a rain riding story every time I go for a bag of chips!

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  8. Ruth Howell

    Riding through Austrian alps when a curtain of wet descends... already steep and twisty, it gets worse when the road is closed and we have to go onto to gravelly road then a single track steep switch backs... followed by lots of short tunnels in poor light and more rain. It was an adventure in hindsight - **!! miserable at the time!

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  9. Robert McAllister

    Coming over Shap on the M6 with about 30 feet visibility. Not nice. The old Belstaffs didn't let in till about 2 miles from home. Hein Gericke Gore Tex all the way now. 200 miles to Scotland pouring down nothing got through.

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  10. Gary Marlow

    Heine Gericke suit, gortex boots and gloves, pin lock visor. What bad weather?

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  11. Esther Carroll

    Once upon a time I was riding in the French alps with 5 buddies on their bikes behind me all fully loaded up. We were riding up the steep mountain approaching a right hander S-bend when the rain stopped, sun came out, big glare on the road and an artic lorry coming towards us. I stalled... and could hear everyone shouting from behind. Shall not repeat... scarey moments!!!

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  12. Anne-Marie Hinks Benstead

    I rode my 125 scooter home through the rain and rising waters on the day of the 2007 floods. I had to turn back on several roads where cars were being abandoned, as the water was too deep, and I rode down the centre of the (deserted) roads in places, as the camber meant only the crown of the road was safe to ride on. In all, not an experience I ever want to repeat, but as long as I've got my waterproofs I'm not put off riding by rain!

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  13. Rich Wodga Worrall

    I love riding in the wet, nothing better than being warm and cosy inside my gear, rain tapping on my visor... ace!!

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  14. Marie-therese Wright

    Getting so wet in Belgium we stayed in one of those cheap motels, as there was no way we would could attempt putting the tent up.Trying to dry our clothes out the then other half, put his gloves on the bulb and forgot them .The bulb started to burn the leather and they wrinkled up. Luckily he had some spares.

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  15. Paul Taylor

    One word Scotland lol

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  16. Bev Tong

    There's nothing like riding in the rain and getting where your going then a nice hot shower and a brew, bliss

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  17. Mikey G Gregg

    Had the ferry booked from Cairnryan to Larne and they gave a hurricane and monsoon warning to highsided vehicles and motorcycles. Needless to say we made the ferry soaked to the skin and spent the journey on the boat stripped off under the hand dryers in the loos.

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