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Lucky Lottie gets her brand new bike and meets her biking idol‏

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Seven-year-old Lottie Trenchard from Southampton took delivery of her brand new Kawasaki KX65 at the MX Try-Out centre in Newmarket and got the chance to meet – and ride with – her ultimate biking idol, stunt extraordinaire and fellow Kawasaki rider, Lee ‘Pacman’ Bowers.

Lottie has been riding pushbikes since the age of three without stabilisers and has been riding motorcycles since just before her fifth birthday. Currently part of the Tigers Childrens Motorcycle Display Team in Hampshire, Lottie takes part in up to 15 shows a year – all around the country – which involve riding in formation with the other ‘Tigers’ and jumping over ramps with willing volunteers underneath.

To take the next step with her training, Lottie needed a bigger bike and also to learn gears – and her heart was set on a Kawasaki KX65.

Having raised money to buy her new bike by organising sponsored walks and baking cupcakes, Lottie’s parents topped up her contribution so that Lottie could get her hands on her new bike ahead of the Tigers training season starting at the end of September.

‘I’m so happy that I have my new bike. I love it so much and have already been practicing my stunt skills on it. I can’t believe that Lee Bowers is here too to hand it over to me – he’s my favourite motorcycle rider. I’d like to be a stunt rider when I grow up, or a famous motocross rider or a World Superbike Champion. As long as I’m riding bikes I don’t mind!” said an excitable Lottie.

“When we found out that she’d be meeting Lee and getting her new bike on the same day, Lottie asked me to make her a countdown calendar – she’s been very excited!

“There’s nothing else she shows an interest in like she does motorbikes – she’s been hooked on them from a very young age even though myself and her dad don’t ride. As a mum, you want to make sure your child is safe, which is why the Tigers has been so great as I knew she’d be well looked after. As long as she is happy, then I’m happy.

“It’s had a positive affect on her school life too – her concentration was a problem, but her teachers have told her it’s improved so much that she’s jumping up reading levels – something I put down to the practice sessions every Sunday from 9am to 4pm.” said Lottie’s mum, Annette Trenchard.

Stunt rider, Lee Bowers, said: “It’s been so great meeting Lottie today and it’s fantastic to see young people on two-wheels as they’re the future – hopefully she’ll inspire more girls to get onto two wheels too. I’ve been out on track with her today and watched her ride, she’s got some serious skills already – I better watch out!”

Lucky Lottie meets Kawasaki rider, Lee Pacman Bowers

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