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The Ulster Grand Prix in Northern Ireland drew to a close yesterday with Honda Racing’s Conor Cummins taking a second podium finish on his Honda CBR10

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Italian Night Special!

The fourth annual “Milan to London Marathon”, for classic and sports cars, departs Milan to arrive at Ace Cafe London on the evening of Thursday 13th August – occasion of the cafe’s increasingly popular “Italian Night”, held regularly on the 2nd Thursday of each month.

Amongst the 65 cars taking part in this 10 day, charity fundraising rally, is a 1938 500cc Fiat Topolino, a 1959 2-litre Alfa Romeo ex- Monte Carlo rally car, along with some special Ferrari’s, Fiat’s, Lancia’s and Maserati’s!

For more information about the rally, which also plans to visit, check out:

For more information about Ace Cafe London and what's on, check out


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