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Transport for Greater Manchester: Allow powered two wheeled vehicles full Bus Lane use

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A petition to allow powered two wheeled vehicles full Bus Lane use in Greater Manchester. 

Started by Stephen Blay, please sign here to help change the rules in bus lanes.

Here is why it is important...

All the evidence from multiple studies across the country and the largest study from Transport for Greater London confirms that allowing PTW's to use Bus Lanes reduces congestion, reduces air pollution, decreases journey times, makes for more efficient fuel usage and does not cause an increase in accidents between any other Bus lane user.

The cost of not allowing PTW's to use Bus Lanes far outweighs the cost of a Traffic Regulation Order allowing their use.

All of the above reasons that would allow PTW's to use Bus Lanes are stated in the TFGM Plans for transport up to 2021, yet the Chairman refuses to engage any Group representing PTW users.

Other areas, including County Durham, Leeds, Doncaster Sheffield, Brighton to name but a few have already seen the sense in the proposal.

Sign the petition by clicking here.

Allow powered two wheeled vehicles full Bus Lane

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