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Scotland's Bikers urged to ‘Live fast, Die old'

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‘Live Fast Die Old’, a new film launched today, follows the escapades of three older bikers as they continue living life to the full despite being old enough to have free bus passes.

Live Fast Die Old - Motorbike SafetyGetting tattoos, streaking and attending foam parties, all with their companion Daisy the alpaca – the trio of Badger, Turbo and Z-Boy live irreverently. But the one place they drop the pace is left-hand bends (or ‘left-handers’).

Aimed at male bikers between 40 and 49 years old, the film is a key part of a social marketing campaign from Road Safety Scotland, which launched last week ahead of the touring season. The film was created with input and insights from bikers, with their experience and knowledge bringing the three characters to life.

Bikers in their 40's make up 20% of all bikers in Scotland, yet account for 30% of those who are killed or seriously injured. The campaign focuses on left-handers, where a third of motorbike deaths in Scotland happen.

The campaign has a facebook page, specifically created for Scotland’s bikers. The page will offer content ranging from technique and gear tips to route planning and information on upcoming events. It will be continually updated over the next six months.

Michael McDonnell, Director of Road Safety Scotland, said: “During the biking season, it would not be unusual to see a biker die every weekend on Scotland’s roads. The Live Fast Die Old film serves as a perfect reminder to all bikers that they can still fully enjoy getting back on the road this season and, with some minor adjustments to the way they ride, will get back home safely to their families at the end of the day.”

Chief Superintendent Iain Murray from Police Scotland said: “By creating the Live Fast Die Old film, we have a fantastic opportunity to speak directly to bikers about their passion for biking and the safety aspects that go hand-in-hand with it.”


Live Fast Die Old. A film about three men, three bikes and free bus passes - Watch it now

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