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Invitation to take part in motorcyclist track session

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Visitors of THE BIKER GUIDE have previously helped a research study (relating to motorcyclist stress) by TRL, with a good number of participants. They are recruiting for another study and are hoping that our visitors can help the research once again.

Temporary Portable Rumble StripsThe purpose of the research is to assess the suitability of temporary portable rumble strips as part of temporary traffic management at road works, especially with regard to motorcyclist safety. 

They are looking to undertake trials (as a track session) and expert panel consultations with motorcycle examiners, trainers and riders in order to gain a better understanding of their experiences and opinions regarding the possible level of risk posed by Temporary Rumble Strips.

The trials will take about 3.5 hours and will take place on Membury Test Track (Hungerford, Berkshire) on April 1st 2015.

They are looking for a total of 40 motorcyclists across the following categories:

*Approved learner motorcyclist trainers

*Novice riders of any motorcycle type (less than 1 year experience since passing test)

*Experienced riders of a range of motorcycle types (at least 5 years’ experience since passing test):

- Small mopeds / scooters (of up to 125cc)

- ‘Standard’ motorcycles (between 125 - 600cc)

- ‘Sport’ motorcycles (between 600 – 1000cc)

- ‘Tourer/cruiser’ motorcycles (over 1000cc)

Participants will be provided with £35 to go toward travel expenses.

Motorcyclists who are interested in taking part can register by following the link below and answering a few short questions regarding their current riding experience and availability. TRL staff will be in contact with selected participants directly to provide further information about the trial.

Take the survey to register your interest


How the data will be used - Information from TRL

This study was commissioned by the Highways Agency and is being led by the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL). The work we are undertaking is to assess the suitability of temporary portable rumble strips as part of temporary traffic management at road works, especially with regard to motorcyclist safety. This work is part of an ongoing HA programme to significantly reduce risk to road workers across the whole of the HA network.

As we are looking for a good representation across bike types/ level of experience, the data we collect through the online form will be used to ensure this representation is achieved in the final sample. It also gives respondents the opportunity to provide us with details about their availability, etc.

Data collected (i.e. contact details) is required in order to allow us to contact respondents. The details provided will only be used for the purpose of this research, and will not be viewed or shared with anyone outside of this specific TRL project team, this includes not sharing with any third parties.

Data protection

Any data provided by respondents for this research will be fully protected under TRL’s Data Protection and Information Security Policies which covers our obligations under the Data Protection Act, and Environmental Information Regulations. Data will be retained during the research phase and any personal details held will be deleted after approximately 1 year.

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