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Who got free BIKERS WELCOME banners?

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This year @ THE BIKER GUIDE we planned to giveaway ten BIKERS WELCOME banners for various events across the UK...

We have awarded these banners to some organisers of events who asked for one via the events form and also on facebook competitons.

It has been a hard decision to find just ten so we are currently at 14! The lucky ones are...

Kempton Park Motorcycle Jumble
Haggs March Moto Madness UK
Yorkhill Easter Egg Run
1066 MCC for the Worlds Largest Unofficial St Georges Day Parade
The Great Tees Valley Bridge Run & BBQ Estonians
Iron Horse Ranch House

Rattlesden Five Bells Bike Show
4th Cumbria Custom Show
Llandudno Goldwing Light Parade
The Nightjar - RBLR Bike & Trike Show
Crown and Anchor Bike Night
North West Harley Club Easter Rally
Rainy Daze 12
and finally Shazz Armstrong for her wedding!


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  1. Rattlesden Five Bells Bike Show

    Thanks very much Bikerguide!

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