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Speed Limit Bill

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20 MPH Speed Limits At The Northern Ireland Assembly
Previously we have reported on a Private Members’ Bill – Road Traffic (Speed Limits) Bill – being introduced at the Northern Ireland Assembly.

On Tuesday of this week this bill when through its second stage to go forward to Committee Stage due on the 15th April 2015.

The committee responsible will look at the bill in more depth.

The basics of the Bill is to set a maximum speed limit on residential roads of 20 miles per hour – whether this is a blanket enforcement or where residents along with all agencies (a stakeholder led approach e.g. the local community – police – public transport service – young people), feel that a 20mph zone would be beneficial in terms of road safety is up for further discussion – for amendments to be tabled as the bill progresses.

At some stage we believe this will also include a full public consultation.

If you read the latest debate in the Northern Ireland Assembly – you will read what has been described in the debate as “devilment” in engaging with other members (politicians) – and big words such as “facetiousness” – you will read about concerns that the bill, “for many people might be not a Road Traffic (Speed Limits) Bill but a “horse – and – cart Bill” – then read past what you would expect from a debate and read the thoughts and reasoning behind the proposed bill.

The thoughts and reasoning includes the aim of reducing casualties on residential street which concerns vulnerable road users such as young and old pedestrians and cyclists and during the debate various politicians offered up varied figures on fatal road collisions, where and how, speeds and examples of other 20 mph limits that have been introduced in the rest of the UK but there did not seem to be any thoughts on why these fatalities happen.

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