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TRL – stress management study

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TRL are looking for participants who feel their riding has been affected by stress in the last six months, and who are able to travel to TRL (Crowthorne House, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG40 3GA) on more than one occasion. They are particularly looking for motorcyclists who ride all year around.

Here is some general information about the study:

TRL – stress management study

Stress is a common occurrence among many people, and may stem from one or various areas of life. However, research shows that stress of different sources can have a detrimental effect on road safety and can result in increased risk to motorists.

TRL is currently recruiting for a study relating to stress while on the road. They are looking for motorcyclists/ moped riders who have been experiencing high levels of stress in the previous six months. In particular, we are interested in people who feel their riding style has been affected by feelings of stress and stress-related anxiety or worry.

Participants who are selected to take part in the research will be required to travel to TRL and will be paid a small standard amount to go toward time and expenses involved in participating in the research.

If you are interested in taking part in this research, please click on the following link to complete a short screening questionnaire containing some questions about you and your riding experience. Please note that completion of the following questionnaire does not guarantee you will be selected to take part in the research.

The are looking for participants to start on/ around 18th January


The Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) is an independent private company wholly owned by the Transport Research Foundation (TRF), an independent non-profit-distributing foundation, limited by guarantee and with no shareholders. It provides impartial research, consultancy, and testing for all aspects of transport to the public and private sectors in over 145 countries.

TRL strongly believes in evidence-based research and practice, particularly relating to increasing all aspects of driver and rider safety. TRL also helps governmental and private organisations to better understand risk and to create solutions that are proven to help motorists stay safe while on the road. For more information about TRL, please visit the company’s website at

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