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A Motorcyclist guide to Europe

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Life changing experiences don't come along very often, however bikers now have the great opportunity to make one for themselves, with a sensational motorcycle trip around Europe!

A Motorcyclist guide to Europe - for a sensational motorcycle trip around EDiscover all Europe has to offer in a euphoric once-in-a-lifetime adventure around beautiful locations, including a vast amount of inspiring routes along France, Norway, Italy and Switzerland. There is so much to see, and so much open road to indulge in.


Built for riding, the Stelvio Pass, located in Italy, at 2,757m is the highest paved mountain pass in the Eastern Alps, and the second highest in the Alps. With 48 hairpin turns on the northern side, and 12 on the southern side, this ravishing run takes riders through fantastic stretches of Alpine scenery, and many beautiful kilometers of fast and sweeping roads, before arriving at the foot of the pass. Once on the pass itself, each of the turns are numbered with stones, so those on this fantastic journey can count their way to the top, just keep one eye on the road!

Another fantastic route for bikers is through, Trollstigen, a very motorbike-friendly mountain road in Rauma, Norway, part of Norwegian National Road 63 connecting Soggeberget in Rauma and Valldal in Norddal. It has a steep incline of 9% and eleven hairpin bends up a steep mountain side. Trollstigen was opened for riders on July 31, 1936, by King Haakon VII after 8 years of construction. The road up is narrow with many sharp hairpins, and although it has been widened in the past few years, vehicles over 12.4 metres long are prohibited from driving the road. Bikers can park up for a pit-stop at the car park at the top, and walk for about ten minutes to an iron viewing balcony which overlooks the road, with all its bends and the Stigfossen waterfall, which drops 320 metres down the mountain side. Although Trollstigen is closed during the Autumn and Winter months, and a normal opening season stretches from mid-May to October, those travelling its exceptioanl outstretches can make the most of it during the brighter summer periods of the year. This is a must-ride road, but its just worth remembering to time it right!  Discover all Europe has to offer in a euphoric once-in-a-lifetime adventure

A trip for those looking to stay a little closer to home in the UK will enjoy this worthwhile trek. The Cat And Fiddle is a road in England running between Buxton, Derbyshire and Macclesfield, Cheshire, named after The Cat and Fiddle Pub, at its summit. Formed by parts of the A537, A54 and A53, it is famous for its stunning scenic views across the Greater Manchester conurbation, Peak District National Park and the Cheshire Plain and for its many bends and corners. It seems to be particularly attractive to motorcyclists because of the frequency and severity of the bends, and is regularly classed as the most dangerous road in the UK.

For a break from all the hectic travelling, riders can make a stop off at Casino Marbella along a journey across Granada, which is situated in the autonomous community of Andalusia, Spain. As well as the surrounding beauty, there is a genuine buzz around the casino scene. All the top games like poker, which are featured on online casino games at Euro Palace and other sites, can be found at the Spanish city. Only only one hour from the Mediterranean coast, the city of Granada is placed at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains, This area is characterised by volcanic rock formations, lava flows, volcanic domes, and volcanic calderas. A great ride through natural beauty.


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