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This year’s Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show is encouraging the next generation of classic car enthusiasts to share their passion for motoring with a dedicated area of ‘YoungTimers’. These are the clubs focusing on younger members, which are on the increase and as such, bringing new ideas and fresh blood into the classic car world.

November’s NEC show will play host to these clubs with the likes of Oxford University Motorsport Foundation (OUMF), Young Guns Classics, the Morris Minor Owner’s Club Young Members Register and the Supra MkIV Owner’s Club all set to feature in the show’s first dedicated ‘YoungTimers’ area.

Event Director Dan Nwaokolo said: “By having a dedicated area for ‘YoungTimers’, we’re giving these young clubs a platform to introduce themselves to the classic car movement while also promoting the scene to like-minded enthusiasts of a similar generation. We know that they’re not only the future of our show but the entire classic community and we’re thrilled at the number of younger people we see each year – it’s great to see so many clubs either embracing younger people or youngsters forming their own clubs.”

OUMF was founded in 2005 specifically with the intent of bringing younger people into motorsport. “We wanted to give youngsters a practical side to their theory and encourage them into classic motorsport” says Ding Boston from OUMF. “For first timers the simplicity of classic cars makes them perfect for students. It’s always interesting to see what cars inspire these youngsters.”

Another club focusing on younger members is the Morris Minor Owner’s Club, which has set up a specific section within the club to cater for younger members. Matt Tomkins, Chairman of the club’s Young Members Register, said: “We’re heavily involved with promoting the entire classic car scene to the younger generation, having spoken at a number of events.”

The number of youngsters in the scene is growing all the time, thanks no doubt to the formation of clubs like Young Guns Classics. Member Georgina Davies said: “I feel we are a bit more laid back, which is why we have such fun. We all know each other very well and I would almost describe us as one big family. Unlike other classic car clubs we don't mind what car you drive be it a classic Beetle to a Land Rover!”

Supra MkIV Owner’s Club member James Jefferson is another owner with a broad interest in classic and retro cars owning a ’67 Mustang and a MkIV Toyota Supra. “I’m 22 now and I finished the Mustang when I was 19” said James. “I grew up around classic stuff – my Dad has MGBs, I used to ride around in Rover P4s, Minis, allsorts.”

James has found that the older generation is largely accepting of the new breed – with one or two exceptions. “They’re usually pretty pleased when they realise that people like me are genuinely interested. That said I know when my Mustang was part of a restoration feature, the magazine got a few letters from people who found it really difficult to believe it had been built by a 19yr old!”

Richard Morley, Operations Director for Lancaster Insurance said “We are passionate about getting more young people into classics and recognise that we must nurture new members so that we can preserve our motoring heritage. Introducing the ‘YoungTimers’ section to the show and encouraging young people to love and cherish classic cars, is not only a brilliant idea but vital to the future of the industry. ‘YoungTimers’ will inspire new recruits to become lifelong devotees, ensuring that this social pastime is carried on for years to come.”

While some clubs suffer from stagnating or even dwindling memberships, those that look to embrace young members look set to flourish. The youngsters are the future of the classic car movement, bringing with them a wider and wider selection of cars into the scene and with them the enthusiasm needed to keep the scene alive for years to come.

The 2014 Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show will be held from 14th to 16th November. For more information on the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show or Classic Motorbike Show as well as all the ticket prices and booking details, visit

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