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The Farmyard Party 2014

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My husband Gary and I had heard for many years just what a great rally it was, and so we had some high hopes as we ended our three hour trike ride from Manchester...

The Farmyard Party 2014, Duncombe Park estateAs we arrived in the pretty town square of Helmsley, North Yorks, we drove through the gates of Duncombe Park estate and up a long winding driveway.

The first thing we came across was the stunning mansion house, originally built in 1713 and then rebuilt after a fire in the late 1890s. The sprawling house and gardens are set in 300 acres of land. As we rode passed, the fields opened up and all we could was row upon row of tents and bikes and people.

This year was the 28th annual FYP and as in previous years, it was advertised as Europe’s biggest and best bike rally – for bikers run by bikers. We had high expectations, and I am pleasd to say we were not disappointed. Gary and I have been involved in organising similar events over the last few years, however nothing on this scale, it was easily twice the size of anything we were used to.

Not only were there three big marquees, with bars and live music there was a large selection of caterers offering everything from freshly prepared Greek dishes and a Texan style smokehouse to the usual rally fare of burgers and bacon buttys. To go with the array of choice, there was ample seating both out in the open as well as undercover – including a marquee with sofas and comfy chairs!

The Farmyard Party 2014, Stevie SimpsonOnce we had eaten our fill, and sampled the bars, we headed to the Blues tent and spent some time with Stevie Simpson, compere and host. We had hoped to watch the Frog and Bucket Comedy Rodshow, hosted by Rick Hulse (NABD Chairman) but even though it was the biggest marquee on site, it was over flowing with people trying to watch the show so we gave up and went shopping.

The numbers of traders was impressive too, selling the usual array of goodies, from sweeties to sex toys (I kid you not). Having spent some of our hard earned pennies (not on the sex toys before you ask!) and a good amount of time wandering, we relaxed back at the tent in the gloriously warm weather and listened to the laughter from the comedy show drift across the site.

fabulous weather - pre-arranged by the MAG committeeHighlights of the weekend for me? The Nickel band in the Blues tent, The Prog Doctors in the riders rights marquee and the Evil Puppies who brought the live music to a close, the fabulous weather (pre-arranged by the MAG committee I am told) and the great company of nearly 6,000 like minded individuals meant it is definitely going on my calendar for next year.

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The Farmyard Party 2014, leaving... we will be back!


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