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Two wheeled nomads

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I read somewhere that life on two wheels finds you free from walls and windows, which creates a vulnerability that breeds excitement.

Two Wheeled NomadsFortunately, this has become true for us – I'm Lisa Morris and my partner is Jason Spafford, a pair of wanderlust seekers from Nottingham. We've sold our house in order to finance a once in a lifetime trip through the Americas. We’ve scuba dived the globe over the last fourteen years together, by-products of which can be seen through our photography, videography and travel writing. It feels good to diversify, integrating our passions into something fresh. Riding from Argentina to Alaska for 12-18 months will be full of flavour to bite into. 

As we're now homeless, without off-spring and free from the 9-5 job, what better time to embrace some life-changing adventure!

We want to see as many countries by means of the scenic routes off road, trying our best to avoid the highways. We’ve no idea when we’ll get to Alaska or what we’ll do when we arrive; I only know that the world is open and calling!

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