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Anger over the state of Westbury’s roads

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Anger is mounting in the town over the state of Westbury’s roads and the growing number of dangerous potholes.

The issue was aggravated by the wet winter and now there have been calls for Wiltshire Council to act. There are also concerns that Wiltshire Council have ‘cut corners’ with temporary repairs that only last a few days.

New Westbury Mayor, cllr Christine Mitchell said, “The potholes are atrocious in Westbury, something needs to be done. The potholes can’t always be avoided, it is an accident waiting to happen. If there is water in the potholes then it is difficult for cyclists or motorcyclists to know how deep the hole is. I can’t say it is only Wiltshire though, it seems to be bad in other counties as well.”

Wiltshire Council had 40 percent more potholes reported in the first two months of 2014 compared to 2013. This equates to more than 2,600 carriageway defects compared to around 1,900 last year. This led to the council investing an extra £250,000 at the start of 2014 to combat the problem.

Wiltshire councillor Terry Chivers says he believes that Wiltshire Council cut corners when trying to fix the potholes. He said, “I’m receiving complaints that these temporary repairs are only lasting a few days and often only a few hours. It seems to me and to most people, that it must be much easier and cheaper to do a proper job than bodge it.”

There is some good news on the horizon, though, after Wiltshire Council was awarded an extra £3million to repair potholes. This is part of the £168million Pothole Repair Fund the government has allocated towards fixing more than three million potholes across the UK to make roads safer and smoother for motorists, cyclists and other road users.

However, the priorities for pothole repair have not yet been set and so it is unclear if Westbury will be benefitting from the Pothole Repair Fund.

A spokesperson for Wiltshire Council said, “This money will be used to repair and resurface the worst affected stretches of road. Wiltshire Council are spending a huge amount of money on roads but the full programme for this has not yet been set.

To report a pothole or a street problem to your council please CLICK HERE

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