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Sure backs Isle of Man based producer to create TT timelapse 'tilt shift' film

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Telecommunications company Sure has backed Isle of Man based film producer Glenn Whorrall, of yourmoviecrew, to create a TT 'tilt shift' film of the 2013 Isle of Man TT Races.

The film, which has been called 'TT Microworlds' was filmed during the 2013 meeting and features shots from a couple of the races interspersed with festival images and footage of the Isle of Man during the fortnight.

The film will be screened at the Villa Broadway during race week. It will be shown before the 'Road' documentary featuring the Dunlop family and will be promoted via the TT's Facebook and Twitter accounts and be posted as a news story on the official website.

The tilt shift filming technique features the use of a tilt to create a selective focus and digital post-production simulates a particular scene in miniature. Tilt shift films currently posted on youtube include an edit on Rio Carnival that has had millions of views while Melbourne, New York and Sydney are among the world's leading cities that have been featured in the time lapse technique.

Sarah Jarvis, Marketing Manager of Sure, the TT's official Mobile and Broadband Partner, commented: "The film has been really well edited and represents a great snapshot of the TT festival. It clearly has great potential to go viral and is a great advert for both the TT Races and the Isle of Man."

She continued: "As a company Sure is keen to support the local arts scene and as an official TT partner the film represents a great fit for our company."

Glenn Whorrall, MD, yourmoviecrew, commented: "I'm a passionate TT fan and wanted to create something different that shows off the event. It's very difficult to sum up all of the action that goes on during the two week festival in just two and a half minutes but hopefully my film will give people who know the event a different perspective and people who don't an idea of what it's about."

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