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IAM calls for safety rating on motorcycle clothing‏

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Road safety charity the IAM is calling for protective motorcycle clothing to have clear labelling for the amount of protection it gives.  The call comes after research shows that motorcyclists find it difficult and time-consuming to find the right clothing at the right price.1

Eighty-five per cent of motorcyclists consider protection the most important factor when purchasing motorcycle clothing.  This was closely followed by sixty-seven per cent of respondents who saw comfort and fit as an important factor.

Nearly every motorcyclist who took part in the research had spent time researching protective clothing but 43 per cent of respondents felt the right information was only available if you look hard enough.

Motorcyclists are willing to pay for top quality gear as only 30 per cent of respondents consider price a priority.

Other research results included:

•71 per cent of respondents believed the brand partly contributes to the effectiveness of protective clothing.
•60 per cent said the torso was considered the most important part of the body requiring protection.  46 per cent said hands and legs.
•90 cent of motorcyclists stated that they always wear motorcycle protective clothing when riding.
•48 per cent of respondents believe that protective clothing (other than the use of a helmet) should be compulsory.

IAM chief executive Simon Best said: “The industry must introduce a safety labelling for clothing like the SHARP rating for helmets.  Not only will it provide better guidance on the best way to stay safe on the roads, it will give motorcyclists clear and unbiased information and advice that they need.  The current situation is confusing and relies too much on promotional information to be of any real use in making a judgement.”

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