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IAM’s head of riding standards and advanced biker, Peter Rodger, is advising on filtering.

•Plan ahead when approaching long queues. Make a decision in advance for passing each vehicle, but be ready to change your plans if the traffic situation changes
•Be prepared for vehicles to move out or change lanes, particularly approaching junctions
•In bus lanes, watch for cars that want to turn left across your path
•Be aware of cyclists wearing earphones – they may not know you’re there
•Watch side roads. Drivers waiting to emerge will be looking for larger vehicles – not necessarily a motorbike
•When filtering give other vehicles time to notice you’re there – don’t arrive too quickly
•Wait behind stationary vehicles unless you're sure you can get past them before they start to move. – avoid sitting next to them where you can be in a blind spot.

Rodger said: “One of the great things about riding a bike is that you can reduce your journey time by filtering through traffic and congestion. But be considerate to other road users, and bear in mind they may not know or expect you to be there.”

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