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Road resurfacing with surface dressing epetition

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A cheap but dangerous form of road resurfacing comes in the form of surface dressing which is tar sprayed onto a poor surface and then over dressed with chippings.

It is not rolled in but left with lose chippings for months. Any that are not stuck down can lay in clusters and as such cannot be seen as they are the same grey colour.

This is fastest form of surfacing but it appears to be the cheapest but most expedient. However due to the lose chippings not rolled in it is definitely the most dangerous surface for any and all two wheeled vehicles, scooters, motorcycles and now including bicycle. Riding on it can only be likened to riding on marbles or ice or indeed diesel.

If that is not done then as an alternative perhaps the local authorities could be instructed and recommendations made with safeguards that all such temporary surfaces should be rolled to secure the surface and then it should be thoroughly swept to remove all traces of lose and dangerous chippings

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