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Getting back on the road

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IAM’s head of riding standards and advanced biker, Peter Rodger, is advising on getting back on the road after the winter.

•Check your bike’s fluid levels, brakes, lights, horn and coolant to make sure they’re all in good working order.
•Try starting your bike to check if the battery needs recharging.
•Check that the tyres have sufficient tread, no obvious damage, and are inflated to the right pressure. If you have taken any part of the bike apart over the winter check it is properly back together and that the nuts are all tightened appropriately.
•When you’ve given it the once over, switch on the engine and let your bike warm up before you go out on a ride.
•If you’re feeling particularly rusty, get on your motorcycle in a car park before taking it out on the road.  The first ride should be about settling in gently – you need to get used to riding again.
•Gain confidence by having a few short, simple rides. Consider it a warm up for you and the bike; you've had time away, and both need to warm up again.
•Make sure your leathers and helmet are in good nick– don’t be tempted to take that first ride in street gear because you’re not planning on being out for long. 

Rodger said: “It’s that time of the year when many riders are taking their bikes out from winter storage. Check the bike before you begin this season’s rides, and make sure the rider is up to it as well.”

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