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Fancy doing something different in 2014?

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What about coming to see a large collection of engines, running... exactly as they used to, many years ago!

Old engines, ranging from a massive 500hp Allen, to the humble Lister that was used on farms many years ago. Bring your children to see the engines being started, and the grand parents who will remember using, or seeing them, in their youth. A visit to the museum provides an opportunity to see, and remember, British machinery as it used to be. Large engines of vertical or horizontal construction will be running, some ticking over quietly and unobtrusively, providing an opportunity to experience the evocative sounds and smells of a working engine museum.

Whether you come on normal open-day, or during one of the special weekends, it will be a memorable occasion, an enjoyable day out, providing a chance to see something different.

From the small Lister (made at Dursley) remembered for its use on concrete mixers, generating sets, and use on farms, to Petter (made at Yeovil)—watch the You-tube clip of the 1912 (5-ton) 50hp Petter being started with a blow-lamp (for the first time since the 1950s) and slowly being brought up to speed. See if it doesn’t massage your enthusiasm. If it doesn’t then the start of the 4250hp Proteus (Bristol Siddeley) industrial gas turbine engine certainly will! The resonating roar echoing across the nearby valley will be memorable.

The museum is a popular venue for enthusiasts with many travelling from all parts of the UK, and even from overseas. 2014 marks the 10th Anniversary year of the opening of the museum, an important milestone in any calendar, as it provides a unique opportunity to look back and thank those who have supported the museum since day one, as well as taking in what has been achieved. This year is very special; you are guaranteed to receive a very warm welcome.

A visit presents a wonderful opportunity to see engines made by once famous British manufactures. Evocative names like Tangye, Petter, Crossley, Ruston & Hornsby, Lister, Allen, Blackstone, National, Bristol Siddeley, Pelapone, and many others, will be on view for your entertainment. Internal Fire Museum of Power provides, for the younger visitor, an educational glimpse of our industrial past, while older visitors can enjoy a trip down memory lane.

Museum Opens 12th April.
First Event: Petter VJ Day, April 12th (see website).
Second Event: A full Easter venue.
Club Visits Wednesday to Sunday inclusive.

Further details with opening times:

The museum is on the A487 Cardigan to Aberystwyth road, 8 miles north of Cardigan just beyond the village of Tanygroes.

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