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New Cross Border Alliance creates unique specialist representation across Scotland and North of England

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Two of the UK’s leading motorcycle accident law firms have joined forces to provide specialist cross-border legal expertise to motorcyclists injured in road traffic collisions in Scotland and the North of England.

The strategic alliance between Motorcycle Law Scotland in Scotland and Hipkin & Co Solicitors based in North East England unites the market leaders in motorcycle accident representation and will see each firm refer clients when an accident happens in the other’s jurisdiction and where a different legal system exists.

If a motorcyclist has an accident in Scotland but lives in England, their claim is subject to Scottish law and they therefore need to use the services of a Scottish firm. Likewise, if a Scottish motorcyclist has an accident in England, then they need to use a firm based in England or Wales as any claim is subject to the legal system of England and Wales.

Brenda Mitchell, founder of Motorcycle Law Scotland with more than 25 years of experience as a personal injury lawyer, said: “By working together, both Motorcycle Law Scotland and Hipkin & Co Solicitors will ensure that cross-border clients will receive the best possible representation when claiming for often very serious injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents. So often these accidents need specialist knowledge and handling, and this will ensure our clients always receive the highest standard of advice.”

The alliance also aims to highlight the need to instruct independent, specialist motorcycle accident lawyers to fight a victim’s claim, rather than accept a solicitor ‘appointed’ by an insurer.

When a motorcyclist is involved in a road traffic collision as a result of a driver’s negligence, they are entitled to claim for their loss, injury and damage. In these circumstances, the choice of legal representation is up to the motorcyclist and not his or her insurer. However, because of the unique nature of motorcycle accidents, it is best to instruct an independent specialist motorcycle accident lawyer who understands motorcycling, rather than one “appointed” by an insurer.

Mark Hipkin, Principal and head of Hipkin & Co Solicitors motorcycle department added: “Brenda and I have known each other for over 10 years. We share a common interest in bikes, biking and putting our biker clients first. Both of us go the extra mile for our clients and it’s our personal service and “never say die” attitude that gets us results. Our alliance is a natural step to helping bikers on both sides of the border – which is only 70 miles away from our office. I regularly enjoy the tremendous roads that Northumberland and the Borders offer bikers.

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