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Ace Exhibition at Coventry Transport Museum - ending on Sunday 2nd October

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Throughout this summer and ending on Sunday 2nd October, the Rockers return as Coventry Transport Museum and Ace Cafe London, two world famous transport attractions, showcase an exhibition "Coming of Age at the Ace Cafe" that will take you on a journey through the history of the iconic cafe, its customers and what it meant to be a British teenager in the 1950s and 60s - the story of fashion, the bikes and the music that defined a generation.

Planned as a roadside transport cafe during the 1930s, the Ace, on London's North Circular Road, quickly became a place where motorcycle riders gathered.  In the 1950's the cafe became the destination for a new breed of motorcyclist; the teenagers who met there listened to rock n' roll and burned up the road doing the 'Ton' - 100mph!

The exhibition, designed to tour and which celebrates the 10th anniversary of the cafe having been fully re-opened, will offer visitors the opportunity to explore and experience the sights and sounds of the Ace, leather jackets are optional!

Coming of Age at the Ace Cafe
Coventry Transport Museum
Ends Sunday 2nd October 2011

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