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Three days until Europe's biggest and best bike rally has its 25th party! The Marquees are here, the beer is here, the 20 plus bands are here, over 70 trade stands are here, the best Ride In Custom show in here, the wheelie bikes are here, the dyno tester is here, and the best biking roads in Britain are here...

So where the hell are you going to be this weekend?

Because if you're not here, you're going to miss the chance to say the most credible line in recent British Biking history "I was at the 25th Farmyard mate, it was mental!"

Plenty of tickets are available on the gate at £35 All attitudes must be left at the gate, unless it's a nice one! Enjoy, and I will see you Friday.

If Carlsberg did bike rallies they would want to do this one.

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