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Ducati UK now brings even more to the ultimate Ducati event

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Ducati Days, The Art of Corse on 21/22 May

Ducati UK recently announced a spectacular two day event to be held at Silverstone Circuit during the weekend of the 21/22 May and now is to bring even more activities, attractions and value to this ultimate Ducati event.

This unique event will host a wide range of activities on and off track at this premier World Championship Circuit. Ducati Days has been designed to be more than just a track day. It is an interactive weekend that encompasses the best elements of Ducati and motorcycling.

Event partners, Silverstone Circuit, has announced a fantastic offer for all participants purchasing a full Rider Ticket. Full ticket holders will now be eligible for two free Silverstone BSB tickets and a 20% discount on up to four MotoGP Ducati Grandstand tickets – a total value £188. This is the chance to see some great racing on a circuit that ‘Ducati days’ riders will have experienced for real!

Although the main focus of the weekend for many will be enjoying the three different track configurations that are on offer, others will be seeking out the many activities taking place in the paddock. For some it may be having their suspension fettled by the suspension gurus from Ducati Coventry or for others it will be listening to seminars from industry experts enlightening them on the intricacies of motorcycle technology, the stresses of running a race team or how to become a modern day athlete to compete at the highest level of racing.

Ducati UK has also tried to make the weekend as accessible as possible for non-riders who wish to attend the Ducati Days. Children under 16 can come and enjoy the day free of charge along with Children’s entertainment. Day visitor tickets are now available at £15 for adults (this does not include food). Guest tickets for the weekend including food and refreshments are priced at £50 or without food at £25.

In the paddock there will be a number of Ducati partners with trade stands. These will include Moto Icons (Apparel), Bike Trac, R&G, Kiddi Motos and many others. For kids there will be a Children’s Entertainment area which will include a bouncy castle and more to be announced.

However, for those that have left the partners and kids behind to focus on a weekend of pure track action there will be plenty on offer. A unique opportunity beckons you to ride the full Silverstone MotoGP Circuit on a weekend with optional training from one the World’s best training schools – Californian Superbike School. Riders will also have the chance to ride two other circuit configurations which are the national and international circuit and be the very first to ride out of the new ’wing’ pits.

For some a full weekend on track may be too daunting, so Ducati UK has organized, at the suggestion of the Ducati clubs, marshalled parade laps to at least get a taste of the MotoGP circuit that our heroes Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden will ride later in the year.

A full list of activities includes:

•    Training from Californian Superbike School (CSS)
-  on track training
-  classroom sessions
•    A full days track time on the MotoGP circuit
•    Three track configurations (National, International and MotoGP) over two days at one of the World’s premier circuits.
•    Parade Laps
•    Suspension set up by Ducati Coventry
•    Attendance of Scott Smart and the Moto Rapido race team
•    Breakfast and lunch both days including refreshments
•    Garage Use
•    Trade Stands – including Moto Icons (Ducati Apparel), Ducati Art, Bike Trac, Kiddi Moto, R&G, Dealer stands and many more
•    Guest speakers
•    Ducati Model Range Display and event truck
•    Helicopter rides (additional cost)
•    Riders For Health Ducati Auction
•    Ducati UK Museum featuring a collection of iconic Ducati bikes through the ages
•    Ducati gift for track and parade lap riders
•    2  x free tickets to Silverstone BSB round and 20% of Ducati Grandstand tickets for those purchasing ‘rider tickets’
•    Free entry for Children under 16 and Children’s activities
•    Track side photography

Prices for the weekend (inclusive of VAT) will be:

•    Day entry ticket (Does not include food and refreshments)                    £15
•    Weekend Entry ticket only (Does not include food or refreshments)        £25
•    Guest ticket (Breakfast and Lunch included for both days)                     £50
•    Parade Lap ticket (inc entry and food, parade laps are at a controlled speed and with safety cars)                                                                                           £100
•    Rider ticket (inc entry and food plus 2 days on track - choose between Track or Training on Saturday, full Moto GP track for all riders on Sunday)                                £495

Tickets for the event can be purchased through any Ducati dealer and to find your nearest dealer visit:

For further information on this event call Ducati UK on 08456 718500 or email [email protected]


All tickets give entry to the paddock, all talks, autograph sessions etc and access to all viewing areas.  In addition, Rider, Guest and Parade lap tickets entitle the participant to breakfast and lunch each day in the Paddock Diner. Security will not allow anyone on site without a relevant ticket.

A limited number of Guest Tickets will be available to purchase on the day at the main security gate.
All Riders wanting to take part in either

The Weekend schedule will be:

Day 1 – Saturday 21 May

This day has been split into 2 styles your customer can choose either:


This will be offered under the tutelage of The California Superbike School. The day will begin on the National circuit and will then switch to the new International circuit after lunch to continue.
The Training day consists of 3 classroom sessions and 5 track sessions assisted on track by CSS Coaches.

The training will cover:
1. Turn Entry speed. What are the errors? Too fast in? Too slow in? How do we get it just right?
2. Throttle Control. That twist grip in your right hand as a huge affect on the suspension, the grip, the line, the lean angle and of course... your speed.
3. Adding lean and throttle (as a negative). Getting the timing of the throttle just right of one of the best skills a rider can have. Get the timing wrong however and you could end up in the gravel. CSS will take a look at the exact timing you need to get this crucial skill right.
There will be six CSS coaches on track to give direction where needed and to police the sessions to make sure riders are working on the drills. The coaches will use hand signals to give guidance on track although we will not be assigning coaches to specific riders.

Limited to 90 spaces (3 groups of 30)

This will begin on the ‘International’ circuit running out of the all new Silverstone ‘Wing’ pits. Riders will be split into three groups dependent on ability and preference at time of booking: Novice, Intermediate and Expert (subject to availability)
The day will be limited to 150 riders, (3 groups of 50) during which two tracks will be running, the National and the new International track.

Day 2 – Sunday 22 May

All 240 riders (3 groups of 80) will ride on the full Moto GP circuit again split into 3 groups: Novice, Intermediate and Expert (subject to availability) with on-track instructors available from California Superbike School
Parade Laps 1-2pm (time subject to change) laps of full circuit with controlled speed and safety cars. 

Noise limit for both days is 105dba.

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