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Saving money, but at what cost?

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RideSafe BackSafe is urging all recent converts to two wheels to take skills training as soon as they buy a motorcycle or scooter. The biker-dedicated road safety initiative is concerned that many road users are now turning to a cheaper mode of transport to beat the credit crunch and assuming that there driving skills are adequate.

Shelby Williams, RideSafe BackSafe Project Lead explains;-

“Motorcycle dealerships across the North West region are telling us that sales of scooters and smaller capacity motorcycles are surprisingly buoyant at the moment and this probably reflects the desire for many road users to find a cheaper way to travel. Generally speaking, the overall cost of a new machine, insurance and servicing is considerably less than for a car and commuters in particular, have realised this. However, when dealers recommend that customers book a skills training course or rider assessment scheme the take up is poor".

Motorcycles and scooters make up about 1% of road traffic and yet nearly 20% of fatalities and serious injuries on our roads are bike riders. Although they are not always to blame, motorcyclists will usually come off worst in a collision and RideSafe BackSafe are keen to promote the many training and free assessment schemes currently available.

The dedicated website  - offers a wealth of road safety advice and information about training options. Other organisations such as RoSPA, the Driving Standards Agency, Institute of Advanced Motoring and BSM also offer a variety of assessments and training courses to suit every rider’s needs.     

Shelby Williams continues;-

"Every road user should be concentrating, anticipating and observing all potential hazards around them, but on two wheels, there are many more skills required. Correct gear selection, ensuring others can see you by how you position yourself on the road and independent use of front and rear brakes are just three of the many skills that need to be learnt. Training, under the guidance of a qualified instructor, is the best route to becoming more competent and safer on the roads and reduced insurance premiums can be an added benefit".

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