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Free Motorcycle Mini Cam Offered by Motorcycle Compensation to Protect Bikers

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50 free DV cams to be won as part of motorcycle's free prize draw

50 free DV cams to be won as part of motorcycle compensation.coms free priLeading motorcycle legal advice site has 50 free mini DV cameras to be won as part their grand prize draw.

Renowned for giving motorcyclists everywhere practical safety advice, the competition forms part of site's ongoing mission to protect the interests of motorcyclists everywhere and provide them with the tools they need to stay safe on Britain's busy roads.

Entries can be made by filling in the form on the website, where riders can also find information, resources and advice on how to seek advice.

Speaking about the competition, Colin Mahoney, MD of, is keen to emphasise that beneath the fun there's a serious edge: "We're delighted to be able to offer the 50 free mini DV cameras as part of our grand prize draw.  However there's a genuine point of safety to be made here. Motorcyclists everywhere will benefit from using one of these - they're a fantastic way of recording a journey from beginning to end. By combining high-resolution video with simple controls in one compact package, bikers can capture the details of their ride - great for keeping other road users honest in the event of an incident."

The mini DV motorcycle cam competition comes at a timely moment: March 2013 sees the launch of a £1.3 million Think! Motorcycle campaign designed to encourage other road users to be aware of riders at junctions. With 74 percent of motorcycle deaths and injuries involving another vehicle, it's more imperative than ever that riders protect themselves from other road users and fellow motorists develop greater awareness of what a journey can be like from a motorcyclist's perspective.

As a committed biker and a long-time campaigner for improving road safety, it's a sentiment that Mahoney whole-heartedly agrees with:  "It's a shocking statistic, but despite constituting a mere 1 percent of the total road traffic, riders make up 19 percent of all fatalities out on our roads.  As an organisation we encourage any initiative that brings police, government and road users together in understanding the safety issues that face motorcyclists every time they make a journey - that's why we're delighted to see the government making fresh efforts to publicise rider safety as part of the Think! Motorcycle campaign. Despite this, we still feel there's a long way to go before motorcyclists have a level playing field. Our competition is about acknowledging this reality and arming riders with a way of conveniently documenting their ride and we heartily encourage people to make a real investment in their safety by entering via the website."

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