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Breast Way Round

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Currently organising for a 3rd year and up to date have raised a total of around £65,000 for Macmillan Cancer support.

History from Shirley Ann, event coordinator

I began organising this event back in 2008 when my best friend, Allison became quite poorly with breast cancer, she had inspired me to learn to ride a bike when I was at a very low point in my life. I felt that if I could organise a small group of women to read the west coast of Scotland and raise money from your income to support there would be giving something back and also inspiring women to go further and perhaps they would have dared.

The Scottish ride is now becoming very well-known, as we have branded the run with pink. We have a total of 100 bikers predominantly women who wear high visibility pink vests and Mohicans on the helmets.

We have a small number of men take part in a fabulous way, as they all wear decorated bras over their leathers and the best bra is judged when we finish in George Square in Glasgow, the prize being an Aira helmet... so they are in their sheds as we speak, engineering the most amazing bras.

We have great fun, we make many friends, we raise a lot of money, and we want more to know about us. This years event takes place on the 28th to 31st May and the route takes you around the west coast of Scotland.

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