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Mucky Road Fine

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You’re out for a ride on the bike on country roads and your worst nightmare as you round a bend, muck is spread across the road.   Surviving the lack of grip, handle bars going from lock to lock, sideways and thisways, backend stepping out in an all mighty slide, hopefully you ride on and you report the muck on the road.   However was anything ever done about it, was the muck cleaned up, were those responsible ever face anything for trailing muck all over the road?  

Well the BBC in Northern Ireland are reporting that a farmer has been fined for allowing muck from his fields to be dragged onto roads in the Portrush area.  

The BBC report says that this is one of the first cases of its kind to come before the courts.   Fining the farmer £500, District Judge Richard Wilson said the roads were in a dangerous position and had been left like that for some time while the defendant was reluctant to do anything about it.  

Although the farmers lawyer said the defendant had tried to clean up the road using a slurry tanker filled with water but this attempt was unsuccessful.

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