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North West Blood Bikes Merseyside

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In April 1981 in Surrey, Service by Emergency Rider Volunteers (SERV) was set up to supply a quick and reliable means of Transporting Emergency Blood and Blood Products to the hospitals and medical facilities at night and weekends. This is the service we now wish to emulate and offer in our area.

Prior to SERV the only means available to hospitals, doctors and other medical establishments for the transport of emergency blood supplies at night were the following:

• Taxi • Ambulance • Police • Courier • Transfusion service vehicle

Each of these options had good and bad points:

Taxis: The advantage of these was that there were plenty of them. The disadvantage was reliability and cost. The cost to hospitals would range from £30 - £60 or more depending on location. The hospital also had to wait for one to be available and it was not guaranteed how long it would take to deliver.

Ambulance: Fast and able to respond quickly. The disadvantage was it removed a much-needed emergency vehicle from service during the transport time.

Police: Fast and able to respond quickly. The disadvantage was it removed a much-needed emergency vehicle from service during the transport time.

Courier: Limited availability during the night. High cost for service

Transfusion Service: Own vehicles are used during the day. Availability during the night was limited and hospitals were charged for the service.

NWBB MERSEYSIDE supplies this service FREE of any charge, thus freeing up much-needed funds for improved patient care and other needed facilities within the hospital and allows the hospitals to strive to make the financial cuts the government are demanding.


With the existing services in the Manchester area and in the Lancs & Lakes area, it is now time to expand our Merseyside operations So as to cover the whole of Merseyside and therefore WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW!

With the ever-increasing need for the health service to save much needed funds, but to ensure good patient care, the demands upon the charity grow each year.


• To supply a safe, quick, and reliable service to local hospitals and doctors for the transport of Emergency Blood and Blood products and Baby milk. • To transport emergency medical equipment, drugs, and maybe donor organs if requested to do so. • To provide our service free of any charge so this will release more money for patient care. This service is provided between the hours of 7pm and 6am weekdays and all weekend, 365 days a year. • To supply 24hr cover over the Christmas and New Year Bank Holidays.

Help Us

NWBB MERSEYSIDE is a charitable organisation that delivers blood products to the emergency and accident hospitals across Merseyside at night free of charge when official Health Service transportation services don't operate, as well as working other similar organisations to cover the UK if required.

If you own or are part of a company, you could DONATE a sum of money for a specific purchase, such as, insulated blood bags or reflective jackets and NWBB MERSEYSIDE would have your company's name printed on them. Or you could always provide Corporate Sponsorship, which would ensure that NWBB MERSEYSIDE would have a regular amount each year.

Maybe you belong to a Local Club or Group who are looking for a charity to help. Then please consider this one. All donations are welcome and you never know who might need the service. As explained, NWBB MERSEYSIDE is being asked to expand but to do so it needs the financial support to maintain it. Even small amounts all help to keep this service running, from just a few pounds to a few thousand it all helps and you can feel that even your little bit has helped towards saving a life. But not only does NWBB MERSEYSIDE need the financial support, but also the support of the medical establishments in the areas already covered, to use the service to its full potential. For without the calls the charity will fold in these areas through lack of use.

If you wish to become a volunteer yourself and would like to know more then please email us using [email protected] or any questions please ring Norman on 07794 030182 or if you get the answerphone please leave your message, your name and your phone number so we can ring you back.

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