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Motorcycle Accident Claims

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If I have a medical problem with my spine, I want someone who understands my vertebrae and of course I wouldn’t dream of calling to see my dentist. It must be the same with motorcycle accident claims. I want someone who understands what I have experienced as a biker!

I want someone who is a biker and not someone who I have try to explain things to time and time again.  

What I really don’t want is to try and explain things to a lifelong car driver who will not only fail to understand what I am trying to say, but may even not sympathize with my dilemma. I want a bike solicitor that deals with motorcycle accident claims and not a non riding lawyer who will deal with it, but not really understand it.  I want a solicitor who has ridden to work and parked his motorbike unashamedly outside the office, and will ride it back home at the end of the day; that’s what I want from a real motorcycle accident claims lawyer.  

When a motorcyclist or scooter rider are injured as the result of a road traffic accident, they will want solicitors that understand the difficulties they have experienced as the direct result of being a minority on the roads. In that, I mean that compared with the number of car drivers, involved in accidents each day, we as motorcyclists make for a very small proportion.  

Motorbike accident claims are becoming more and more sophisticated in their approach to dealing with personal injuries involving motorcyclists who may be completely innocent victims. What we don’t want is the motorcyclist to be a secondary victim of a non riding solicitor who may simply not understand.  

With the ever increasing cost of fuel, we will shortly see a dramatic rise in the number of motorcyclists on the road. That being the case, we will also see a rise in the number of motorcycle injury claims. For many years in many countries throughout the world, the motorcycle has been the staple form of transport for businesses and households.

Many are driven to two wheels by poverty, whilst many do it simply because they are passionate and simply want to. It is this desire to ride on two wheels that drives the majority of people in this country to become motorcyclists.  

As global oil prices rocket, so will the number of motorcyclists and so will the number of motorcycle injury claims that will need specialist knowledge, handing and expertise.  

Don’t lose out on your compensation, pick experience over image. Pick a genuine motorcycle injury claims solicitor; nothing else will do. Remember, passion about motorcycles and legal expertise go hand in hand.  

If you have had a motorbike injury claim, then call us today for free biker to biker legal advice on 0800 622 6517.

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