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Travel Survey Reveals the Benefits of Commuting by Bike

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Using a bike or scooter to commute is a practical, cost-effective and congestion beating mode of transport according to the MCI's analysis of the most recent National Travel Survey.* 

The survey reveals that the average motorcyclist relies on their bike for everyday transport, using it for over one-third (35%) of all journeys they make. The average rider makes 7 trips per week, covering 88 miles in a three-hour period.

The survey shows that over half (51%) of all motorcycle trips in 2009 were made for the purpose of commuting, compared to just one-third (33%) of bicycle journeys and one-fifth (20 %) of car journeys.
Congestion-beating - Cars used for commuting continue to have a low occupancy rate with 85% drivers using their car for commuting are single occupancy, so opting for a bike or scooter can help to reduce congestion and add to a quicker route to work.

Cost-effective - Cheaper parking, lower tax and less fuel costs mean that using a bike or scooter is one-way people who are concerned about the cost of driving can get access to private transport. 

Overall 30% of people surveyed have not learned to drive a car because of the cost of buying. Considering a motorcycle or scooter is a positive alternative. For younger people age 17 - 20 years this increases to 57% who gave the reason for not driving a car as cost. A motorcycle or scooter is a cheaper private transport alternative.

Convenient  - Using a bike or scooter eliminates the need to rely on public transport timetables and can help to reduce travel times. Motorcycling is the SMART solution that provides a more Sustainable transport option, provides greater personal Mobility, is always more Accessible and provides a Realistic convenient form of Transport for many.

Steve Kenward, MCI's CEO commented " The MCI is committed to ensuring motorcycles and scooters are represented in mainstream transport policy. The Government's own Travel Survey has shown that powered two-wheelers have an important role to play in providing a cost-effective mode of transport that can reduce congestion and help get people to work more efficiently and on time.

"If employers can help with secure parking and locker facilities for example, this would go a long way to encouraging more people to use a bike or scooter for commuting and will help to ease congestion and ensure a less-stressed work force."
1) National Travel Survey 2010 -Department for Transport

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