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Motorcycle and Scooter Sales on the up say MCI

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Figures released by the Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCI) show that motorcycle and scooters sales are increasing.

The total number of motorcycle, mopeds and scooter sales increased In February by 23% according to the year to date statistics, a real boost to the industry.

Motorcycles saw an even greater increase of 25.8% on the year to date figures with Mopeds increasing by 12.5% .

Many of the motorcycle styles have had a significant burst of growth and the top three styles are; Scooter (50.7%),  Supersport (43.9%) and Naked ( 37.6%) which just topped sales of Sport/ Tourer ( 37.1%).

The manufacturers who are top of the table are Yamaha, Honda and Piaggio. The machine that sold in the highest number in February is the Honda scooter style motorcycle the WW 125 EX2.

Rising costs of car ownership, as fuel prices rise to their highest levels ever and increasing insurance premiums are a huge incentive for people to switch to two wheels, especially for commuters and younger people who are being hit hard by these costs.

Steve Kenward MCI's CEO commented " The motorcycle industry has been working hard over the last year to combat the decline in motorcycle sales and expand it's customer base by introducing people to bikes and scooters through the Get On campaign.

"The campaign which is attracting new riders by offering a free one-hour ride with a trainer to anyone over the age of 16years who wants to have a go is really starting to bear fruit".

"The styles of bikes and smaller capacity engine machines that are ideal for entry level riders confirm that those people who have had a go, are taking it onto the next level, by getting fully trained and purchasing their first bike."

Anyone who is interested in finding out more about the Get On campaign or who wants to book a free session can go to

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