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Motorcycle Industry is disappointed with the outcome of the test review process

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Along with other stakeholders, the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCI) is disappointed with the outcome of the Motorcycle Test Review, announced by the Department for Transport.

Although some access improvements have been made with more examiners, the implementation of an online booking system and some additional test centres, the UK still has nowhere near the level of test centres before 2DLD was introduced.

Steve Kenward, Chief Executive of the MCI commented:

“Our disappointment chiefly lies with the fact that a genuine desire to try to work with the DSA and its stakeholders - to improve the 2DLD process - has not generated a better result. We remain concerned that the time and effort expended by all has not moved the testing regime forward.  Instead, it serves to reinforce a testing regime that MCI believes was poorly implemented at the outset”.

“We were willing to try to make 2DLD work, and we thought this review would help to refine its implementation, but a lack of progress raises a bigger question about whether the specific requirements of 2DLD should now be challenged. MCI remains concerned about the safety of a test which is considered too dangerous to be carried out on a road, yet qualifies the rider to use the road afterwards.  We remain passionate about rider safety, and especially the safety of those new to motorcycling and will continue to work with the DSA and other stakeholders to advance this”.

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