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The Back Protector Guide - What you need to know

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Back protectors have been at the heart of Knox since we started the company back in 1981. Our founder Geoff Travell was a motorcycle racer himself and to cut a long story short, after a string of serious injuries, Geoff decided to make the world’s first back protector, a real invention that kick-started the company and created this market sector. The Back Protector remains to this day a key part of the KNOX product range.

In this guide we will cover why you should wear a back protector with an evaluation of the options and hopefully this will help you make the right choice of back protector.

What is the importance of a back protector

The obvious answer is that your back is the largest area of your body and therefore the chances of hitting it on something when falling off a motorcycle is greatly increased. It’s also a well-known fact that spinal injuries are a serious problem in motorcycle accidents.

A motorcycle back protector is designed to protect the spine and the central nervous system housed within it. The central nervous system connects the brain to every part of your body and controls essential functions like your heart and lungs, through to moving your toes.

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