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Poole Dream Machines Full Season Saved for 2017

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Poole’s premier weekly motorcycle event Dream Machines has been saved for the full 26 week April-end of September season and will start on 4 April 2017 thanks to support from Poole Quay businesses.

Following the announcement that the event would be limited to 18 weeks from May-end August because not enough people had come forward as Volunteer Marshals, Poole Quay businesses including The Lord Nelson, Poole Quay Fish & Chips Kiosk and Quayside Emporium have rallied a new group of volunteers to help support the event.

The new Volunteer Marshals will be providing support particularly in April and September, the two months the event was due to lose. 

With Poole Tourism providing paid Marshals from May to end of August, the support of the new Volunteer Marshals will ensure the event can now run safely for a full season in 2017.

Graham Richardson, Poole Tourism Manager, said; “Huge thanks go to the Poole Quay businesses for working to make this happen. With them providing support through their volunteers to cover for the months of April and September it means that riders will now be able to enjoy the full 26 weeks of Dream Machines as usual.The event could not happen without them and we hope that riders will come out and show their thanks and support for Volunteer Marshals, the Quay businesses and the event.”

The aim is that with the help of the new volunteers, Poole Dream Machines will again have a passionate and committed group of Volunteer Marshals who are willing and able to support the event in future years. 

Leigh Whittall, owner of the Fish and Chips Kiosk, said; “Dream Machines is a really important event for Poole Quay and the businesses operating there. It is part of Poole’s heritage and is vital to keep businesses and facilities open for everyone to use.  It is fantastic that people are now showing their support but we are on the look out for more, as with a bigger pool of volunteers it makes it more manageable for people to be involved.”

Graham Richardson,said; “Whilst it’s great that the event will now take place for 2017, it’s really important that more volunteers, especially riders who enjoy the event, get involved and make the effort to support it.  If people don’t we could be in be in this position again next year or in danger of losing it altogether.”

Anyone who would like to volunteer can contact The Lord Nelson , the Fish and Chip Kiosk and Quayside Emporium or email: [email protected]

Season armbands are on sale now costing £8, at the same price, now for the 26 week season and are available from Poole Tourist Information Centre, based in Poole Museum or from The Lord Nelson, the Fish and Chip Kiosk and Quayside Emporium.

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