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Third Annual National Pothole Day Announced on 16th January 2017

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The countdown begins to third annual #NationalPotholeDay announce its third annual National Pothole Day at a crucial time when more than 89% of reports made by the public on the Street Repairs website relate to potholes.

The combination of the increasing financial burden from pothole damage to the motorist plus recent budget cuts to local authorities means awareness of Street Repair’s free service is more important than ever. 

The service offers a way for the authorities to engage with road users to action any defects which are reported in real time.

Mark Morrell (aka Mr-Pothole) press officer said, “Many millions of our followers and supporters have asked us to highlight the seriousness of this major problem, just take a look at our thunderclap campaign that tells you the strength of feeling from the pothole weary UK public. I use social media to produce mass awareness and continue to highlight this national issue. I can honestly say that the safety aspect alone from the Street Repairs website could save lives. No wonder public sentiment is very high in relation to this major issue.”

The Street Repairs website was launched just over three years ago and in this time has experienced exponential growth due to its popularity with its users. Transparency and clarity is the cornerstone for the website as every report made is publically available via many social media channels including Twitter, Facebook and of course their own website.

Local authorities have the ability to respond to the reporter via Street Repairs by simply logging in and making a reply. It also offers the reporter the opportunity to track their report and receive text alerts for updates.

Mr Morrell continues, “This is a perfect opportunity for the general public to showcase what their roads and communities are really like. We would like as many people as possible to join our campaign by highlighting local issues quickly and easily”.

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