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Thefts from tents at Biker events

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In the past few weeks there has been a few reported thefts from tents on the Biker circuit.

It appears that the perpetrators follow drunk people back to their tents, wait until they fall asleep, pretend to have an argument outside the victims tent, then one enters the tent and routes around to find cameras and wallets, while the other keeps watch. These unscrupulous thieves are mainly looking for top of the range phones and money, as others have found wallets the following day on the field with cards still inside.

It seems they are watching people as they takes photos at the event with a 'fancy phone camera' and then target these people when they head off to their tents, await for them to 'pass out' intoxicated and then whilst they are in a deep sleep, enter their tents to steal their mobiles and wallets. Another 'technique' is to shake a tent and call out something like 'Mark are you in there?'

Pete Walker, organiser of The Farmyard Party said "The best and safe way to store your phone a purse/wallet is at the bottom of your sleeping bag, simply throw them down to the end of the bag and the thief wont risk putting him/her down there to get at your stuff. Never leave wallets, purses, phones or money in your tent whilst you’re away from it. If you can, meet your camping neighbours and watch out for each other."

There will be lockers for hire at this years Farmyard @ a £5, which will easily take six peoples mobiles and wallets.

We urge people to be more vigilant until these pesky thieves stop targeting Motorcycle events!

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