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Steve and his thumb @ The Manchester Bike Show 2014

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We were delighted that Steve and Sam Henshaw passed by our stand @ The Manchester Bike Show 2014... even with his injured thumb!


Steve Henshaw and his thumb @ The Manchester Bike Show 2014

Steve was nominated for a VIP ticket by Sam as below


"I would like to nominate my other half Steve Henshaw for all his good work with Roughleys Bike Show. As you may know the leukaemia returned last year with a vengeance!

He knew he would need a transplant in Sept 2013 but all his blood counts etc were getting very low. He continued to work on the show organisation despite feeling pretty rough. Then disaster struck - a couple of weeks before the show day he got a really bad infection and was taken into Christies. We didn't know if he would get out in time for the show so he organised mates to stand in for him just in case. He carried on doing show stuff from his bed and got out a day before the show.

He made the show day even though he really shouldn't have been there and I had to keep chasing him to make him sit down or go home and rest. He had a successful stem cell transplant a couple of weeks after the show. He really is my VIP and my star xxxx"

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