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Get your free BIKER WELCOME sticker
After listerning to the request of some of our clients, we have produced a BIKERS WELCOME sticker, for those who would like to display one in the windows of their establishments, to let Bikers know that you welcome them.
To get your free sticker, please just fill in the form below and we will get one sent off to you!
Win a BIKER WELCOME pvc banner
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  • What do you think of the level of service you have received from THE BIKER GUIDE:
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  • We have also produces a Id rather be Riding or on THE BIKER sticker for cars. Would you also like one of these:
  • * We also produced a printed booklet, which is distributed for free. Would you like to be included in the 7th edition?:
  • * We offer an e-shot service, where we send your details out to over 10,000 contacts. Would this be of interest to you?:
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We may use information included within this form for marketing purposes soley @ THE BIKER GUIDE g and not to any other external parties. If you would prefer for us not to use any of the above quotes or information, please let us know.

Good Luck Roadworks