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Only £140 for a 12 month listing to our clients - normal rate £205

* Please note for existing clients only

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Please note: We will always check your listing and if needed will add information we deem as relevant to enhance your listing.

By filling in this form and sending it to us you are entering into a contract for the ticked amount of payment between yourselves and THE BIKER GUIDE®.

We will contact previous clients to ask if they wish to renew, prior to asking others. On receiving a renewal email for the booklet, we ask clients to pre-order prime positions as a matter of urgency, such as back cover, inside covers and certain pages in the booklet as they may be sold to another client if we have no contact within two weeks or sending said renewal email.


Payment Options
An invoice will be issued to you, on booking your space within the booklet. Payment may be made by paypal, card, cheque or bank transfer, prior to the booklet going to print.


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