THE BIKER GUIDE® - booklet

Listening to the requests of our visitors and customers, we also produce an annual printed booklet, in association with the
THE BIKER GUIDE® website, distributed for free throughout the whole year.
THE BIKER GUIDE - 9th edition THE BIKER GUIDE - 9th edition, Biker Friendly Accommodation, Scotland THE BIKER GUIDE - 9th edition, Biker Friendly Camping

" I had a very good season and we never had more Biker visitors than this year. A lot of people found us in the booklet or on your website. Keep up the good work." -  Mark @ Moto-Hotel du Col de Bussang

"Best information mag around for Bikers"

"What a great handy little book, has given us lots of ideas for trips"

"Advertising with THE BIKER GUIDE, has worked well for us and the book even more! We have already reserved a place in the book for the next edition!" 

With a large and loyal audience of visitors on THE BIKER GUIDE®, this printed product is ideal, mainly as a reference tool when planning, touring or travelling and in its easy to use and carry format, great to take on any Motorcycle!

On our travels to many Motorcycle events, we noticed that there is no such printed booklet being distributed within the Biker Community and so we produced the 1st edition in 2011 and since then it has been distributed it for free at many Motorcycle events, such as Rallies, Shows, Meets, cafes and through a variety of other means, so that all involved get the ultimate response.

The booklet is A5, full colour and glossy and for ease of use, it is organised into sections, such as Biker Friendly Accommodation, Camping, Clothing, Pubs, Meeting places, Services, Touring and more…

We also include a brief editorial description of what is included, to encourage the reader to visit and explore business listings.

In keeping with our ethos of only including places which are genuinely Biker Friendly, in areas of interest to the Biker Community, we do not include lots of accommodation all in the same area, so that all involved will get the ultimate exposure… Oh and we only include places where we would like to stay at ourselves with our beloved Motorcycles!

THE BIKER GUIDE® booklet - is distributed throughout the year from autumn to late summer at shows, events, biker friendly cafes and meeting places, via the website and direct to selected motorcycle groups and enthusiasts within the industry.

We believe that the combination of design, format and content, along with the carefully planned free distribution of the booklet, will be highly beneficial to those included and for those who receive it.

The booklet will be bound or stapled, similar to a magazine, A5 in size. 

The 9th edition can be ordered via our on-line shop.

If you are interested in being included within the 10th editon, with a limited number of pages for each section and with specific prime locations, spaces are sold within THE BIKER GUIDE® booklet purely on a first-come-first-served basis, simply secure your space below or contact us for further details.

The main features and benefits to you

·         Full colour entry with a professionally written business profile, photograph and full contact details.

·         A modern, well designed and easy to use booklet.

·         A limited number of entries, for maximum response.

·         Association to an established organisation within the Biker Community.

·         Distributed free to your target audience, in the UK and abroad. Including Motorcycle organisations, enthusiasts, dealers and more…

Take advantage of many years of expertise within the print, media, copy writing and web industry, along with our passion for excellent customer service and include your business in this exciting booklet for essential exposure to the Motorcycle Community. 

We offer a standard listings, half and full pages, so that the booklet is easy to use and read... just like the website!

The 10th edition prices are as follows

Listing (3rd page) which includes a business profile, contact details with photograph or company logo: £215

Listing (3rd page) and text listing on website: £220

Listing (3rd page) and photo listing on website: £240

Listing (3rd page) and three photo listing on website: £270

Listing (3rd page) and banner (or 5 images) listing on website: £305

1/2 page advertisement: £350

Full page: £560

Inside front or back covers – full page: £715 (These are usually sold very early on) 

Deadline: For the 10th edition, with limited spaces, so when its full its full (we will be closing sections and sending them off to the graphic designers during December 2020) and then off to print and into the hands of Bikers! (for February/March 2021)

To reserve your space today!

Simply fill out this on-line form and then we can reserve your space. As experienced copy writers, we will always check you have included information which is important to our visitors and many times we will include extra words to give your listing the ultimate exposure. If you would prefer for us to do all the listing (i.e. take the information from your website) just let us know. Please note this is no extra cost.

If you require any further information, or would prefer a telephone call please do not hesitate to ask.

Include your business into the booklet

All questions marked with a * must be answered. We may include a code at the bottom to avoid spam, however if you cannot read it simply refresh the code until you can.

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By donating to the National Association for Bikers with a Disability, you can help disabled people to enjoy the freedom and independence of motorcycling.

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Artwork dimensions
Please note: We will always check your listing and if needed will add information we deem as relevant to enhance your listing.
By filling in this form and sending it to us you are entering into a contract for the ticked amount of payment between yourselves and THE BIKER GUIDE®.

We will contact previous clients to ask if they wish to renew, prior to asking others. On receiving a renewal e-mail for the booklet, we ask clients to pre-order prime positions as a matter of urgency, such as back cover, inside covers and certain pages in the booklet as they may be sold to another client if we have no contact within two weeks or sending said renewal e-mail.  

Payment Options
An invoice will be issued to you, on booking your space within the booklet, to secure and reserve your space. Payment may be made by paypal, cheque or bank transfer, prior to the booklet going to print.