THE BIKER GUIDE - Artwork dimensions for the booklet

More information on THE BIKER GUIDE booklet

For the standard 1/3rd page listings within the booklet, the character/letter count is 570. In most cases we will amend your current web listing and send you the copy and image we intend to use prior to going to print for your confirmation.

For a full page size advertisements, the artwork size we require is 190mm high by 128mm wide. Please note that our booklet is bound so we recommend the artwork does not go to the spine, hence this dimensions.

Artwork for the half page is to be set at 90mm high x 128mm wide.

Artwork for an event and for a 1/4 page is to be set at 90mm high by 60mm wide. 

For artwork that the clients wishes to go to the edges, should be supplied at 216mm high and 154mm wide. Please note, this includes a 3mm bleed all around, which is the cut.

To clarify, for artwork which is to the edges*, so covering the whole page, the artwork should be set at 190mm high by 128mm wide, within a size of 210mm high by 148mm width and the bleed of 3mm added to all edges.

It needs to be supplied at 300dpi with font embedded and sent as a pdf file to; [email protected]


Please note: We will always check your listing and if needed will add information we deem as relevant to enhance your listing.

* If full page adverts are not supplied to the above dimensions we may have to add the bleed and/or amend the layout to fit into the required size. 


An invoice will be issued to you, on booking your space within the booklet, to reserve and secure your space.
Payment may be made by paypal, card, cheque or bank transfer, prior to the booklet going to print.