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THE BIKER GUIDE® has joined forces with Austin Vince for a competition where you can win one of three copies of the thrilling new expedition and film – Mondo Sahara

Austin has a mission... To encourage more people to get on a bike and get away from their comfort zone for a few months. His life was profoundly altered by time ‘on the road’.

Putting yourself ‘out there’ at the mercy of your own wits and the society you are travelling through is a healthy experience. Sadly, too many folk think they lack the skills or budget to take on a big trip such as this. They are wrong, it’s easy.

He runs team-building adventure motorcycling courses and is a popular public speaker, giving presentations on many subjects from concrete fortifications to DIY motorcycle adventure.

To enter the competition, just tell us what attire Austin favours, by midnight 16th March, 2014. NOW CLOSED. 

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Austin Vince is back with a thrilling new expedition and film - Mondo Sahara. A synopsis;

The aim was, starting in London, to ride off-road, across Spain, Morocco and Western Sahara.

With this behind them, they would meet up with Richard Kemplay of Beast of Burden. Whilst riding out, he would have been burying food, fuel and water across the deserts of Mauritania.

Once they rendezvoused at the Mauritanian border post he would hand over a GPS plot of the supply dumps and off they would lunge into the Empty Quarter of the Sahara. Englishmen and Americans, following a Garmin speck across the wilderness for 1,200 miles. Each night locating and digging up the supplies for the next day. Nobody had done anything like this before. It was only going to be four weeks, but would still be a class-A adventure!

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Independent Reviews

A must have for anyone thinking of setting off on the trip of a lifetime. Very entertaining, well thought out, brilliant filming and full of information.

- Big Kev

Anyone who rides or likes motorcycles should watch this DVD whether or not you want to do an adventure or not. A very real story of motor cycle adventure.

- Jeanette Hore

The DVD is excellent, and great fun! Often described as the godfather of of Adventure motorcycling, Austin is always brilliantly entertaining; he and his companions have great fun on their travels. Their message of anyone can do this, and do this cheaply, comes across really well. It's a wonderful adventure, well worth a look. I was singing the theme tune for at least a week after watching!

- G Jenkins

Got this DVD last weekend, for my birthday :) I already knew just what to expect, having already seen Mondo Enduro some years ago. The picture quality has improved a lot, although there is still a deliberate retro feel to it, with more than a nod in homage to Spaghetti Westerns of the 60s. It's highly enjoyable to watch in its own right, but for me, brought back many fond memories of a similar mates' trip earlier this year. Those wide open desert spaces and the blistering, overpowering, bright light are captured nicely. Also a great soundtrack to wash it down with. Most of all, I think it achieves its stated aim - to encourage others to go off and enjoy similar adventures for themselves. The DVD extras are well worth viewing and add further insight into how it all came about. Well done Austin! Good Work, again.

- Bill "Vtrman" 


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