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THE BIKER GUIDE® has joined forces with Castle Cafe Withernsea where you can win a £20 voucher for food and beverages!  

All you have to do is answer the following question, which can be found here on their facebook page. 

Question - What is on offer at the Castle Cafe Withernsea?

a/ Bike meet every Thursday 
b/ All day Breakfast, Roast Diners, Fish & Chips, Daily Specials...
c/ Parking outside 
d/ Outdoor seating
e/ Ice Cream, Cakes and Scones
f/ Fresh brewed coffee
g/ All of the above

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Just fill in the form below for entry into the competition by midnight 4th April 2022. The voucher must be used by 4th July 2022. NOW CLOSED

Grumpys Cafe
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Good Luck Roadworks

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