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If you are Motorcycle club in the UK and would like to be included on this page, please send your details via the online form. This is a free service and information must be sent via the form for inclusion.

This extensive list is organised in an A to Z format, however if you want to search for a club in a specific area and/or type of Motorcycle, there is a very easy way for you to search the page in question.

For example, if you wished to search within this Motorcycle Club links page for Yorkshire, simply hold down the control button and then F. A little search bar will appear to the top right of your screen, with the title of Find: Put in this space Yorkshire and all listing with Yorkshire in the title on the page are then highlighted, with the first one shown on your screen. Simply scroll down the page to see the others.

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British Motorcyclists Federation - the UKs largest motorcycle membership British Motorcyclists Federation - Individual membership, club membership

British Motorcyclists Federation is the UKs largest motorcycle membership


Please note, this list is collated from information sent into THE BIKER GUIDE via the online form.  
Motorcycle Clubs who wish to be included must send all relevant information via the form.