Biker Friendly Accommodation for sale in Portugal

A message from Alan and Sharon Wheelwright @ Bikersbase in Portalegre, Portugal

Hello friends of THE BIKER GUIDE and Thank You for looking at our Bikersbase listing.

We unfortunately have come to a point in our lives where age health and the draw of grandchildren in UK has to overtake this adventure this dream. We do not wish to see it close, but we can no longer continue the development.

We are offering for sale our properties and our dream of a Bikersbase in this wonderful location at an amazingly low price, when compared to the average UK house prices. To take over from us what's needed is a little adventuring spirit, interest in a new free-er life style, a portion of enthusiasm, some basic people skills and the sale price of course. Before you ask we thank you, but we do not wish to try obtaining managers again.

We are offering this fantastic opportunity for you to be able to purchase our wonderfully centrally located facility which lies amongst some of the finest roads and cultural attractions central Portugal can offer, not forgetting the nearly year round sunshine.

Of course you do not have to keep it as a bikers only place. The business side of the facility {main house} for those of you who have not visited, is currently set up as an eight en-suite bedroomed upper floor with half the ground floor set up as dining/bar area. The remaining half is underused, housing a sizeable kitchen and washing room.

There are also included on site a large workshop/garage, a large storage warehouse, a very tastefully done single bedroomed bungalow with own lounge, kitchen, bathroom, and patio.

The whole facility would greatly benefit from opening the doors to all types of tourists or visitors surveys on and Airbnb they could sell far more of the rooms we have on a much more regular basis than we have been
prepared to accept whilst trying to keep it as a |Bikers only facility.

Genuine interested parties can contact us via e-mail

[email protected]

Alan n Sharon Wheelwright