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We reserve the right to edit, correct the spelling and grammar, amend and more, of all listings sent to THE BIKER GUIDE.

As this is predominantly a free service, events need to be sent via the form at least a month before the event. As we include so many events in the What's On section, the information can take a lot of time to prepare, so we are changing the way we upload them. With this in mind, we would advise that events and updates are sent through to us at least 4 weeks prior to the event to ensure inclusion.
Specifically during May, June, July, August and September, events need to be sent via the form 4 weeks prior to be included as we do like to leave the office!
* Flyers are only included when chosing the premium listing. Please note when requesting a premium listing @ £15 until the event date, if this is submitted with less than one month until said event it will be billed @ £15. 
The £15 a month includes each calendar month the listing appears on the website, i.e., if a premium listing is booked and appears on the website for part of a month then £15 is charged plus any other months until the said event. 
*** For the e-shot service we will take the information from the information you have sent over and adjust it where necessary. If no image is sent we will take the most appropriate one from your website. The eshot are sent when we deem them most appropriate to get you the best response.
**** Unless you have chosen a paid for adverting option (premium listing and/or an eshot) 

***** Events that take the premium listing apear towards the top of the page in date order
** Based on May 2018 monthly figures


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