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With a high-level of customer service, we strive to include genuine Biker Friendly Businesses to the site to become 'the' site for the Biker Community. We are passionate about Motorcycles and everything that goes with them!

Similar to an on-line magazine, packed full of everything to do with the Motorcycle community, including an extensive Biker Directory with a wide range of businesses included. Our website is regularly maintained and updated and we strive to include information and businesses which Bikers are genuinely interested in. It is a collection of events, latest news, club links, competitions, along with listings of relevant businesses and is on one very user friendly site, with most areas of the web-site found in two or three clicks.
We are constantly marketing THE BIKER GUIDE® to the Biker community in the UK, Europe and beyond, to increase awareness, visitors and ultimately, the response for everyone involved.
With a large on-line audience, of approximately 3,450* each day, many returning on a daily and weekly basis. Our visitors are extremely important to us and we welcome feedback, run regular competitions and are passionate about including genuine Biker friendly businesses... In fact we have even turned down bookings as we felt it did not fit the criteria!
We pride ourselves on being a niche website, which includes quality businesses who would like to attract the Motorcycle Community to them. We are not interested in overloading the website with lots and lots of places or businesses all offering a similar service, in fact we want to include quality links rather than quantity!

As we do not overload the website with lots of places in the same area, our rates reflect this. We also spend a lot of money on the promotion of the website, via various means, including adverts in other printed media, other websites, Google Adwords, sending booklets and promotional items to Cafes, Events and Motorcycle Clubs.

How does the website you advertise with rank on the www? As easy way to check - See more here
As experienced copy writers we can either prepare the listing for you and will always check your listing before including it onto the web-site. We will add information (if needed) to enhance your advertisement and to ultimately gain you the best response. We will not just upload a listing without checking it for you.

The website was created by Sharon Rollisson-Slaughter in 2009, who has many years of experience in marketing, advertising and promotitions. We also have on the team Billy (Accounts) and Clare.

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To secure THE BIKER GUIDE® name, brand and ethos we are Trademarked.

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Advertising; business management; business administration; advertising services provided via the Internet and printed publications; production of television and radio advertisements; trade fairs; opinion polling; data processing; provision of business information; compilation of directories for publishing on global computer networks or the internet.


*Based on May 2019 figures