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After listerning to the request of some of our clients, we produce a BIKERS WELCOME banner, for those who would like to display one outside their establisments, to let Bikers know that you welcome them!

Also great for events to place on the gate, controls tent or at the venue.

To enter the competition**, simply fill in the form below to be entered into the prize draw by 30th April, 2021. **Please note to qualify for entry into the competition we must have either the event listed with us and/or the Biker Friendly Place sent to us for inclusion (from the owner of said place). These are both free to do, just send the event or Biker Friendly Place details to us via the on-line form. 
All questions marked with a * must be answered. We include a code at the bottom to avoid spam, however if you cannot read it simply refresh the code until you can!
Win a BIKERS WELCOME banner 2020
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