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  1. In addition to Ace Cafe London celebrating its annual Ace Cafe Reunion at the legendary cafe on London’s North Circular Road on the 6th & 7th September and with the ride-out to Madeira Drive in Brighton on 8th September, this year the cafe is privileged to also be a part of the 59 Club’s 60th Anniversary!
     Having been founded in 1959, to celebrate the 59 Club’s 60th Anniversary the annual “Cafe Racer Ride Out” departs the Ace at 10.30am on Saturday 7th September as a “Bypass Burn-Up” to attend a special one hour Celebratory Service and Blessing of the Bikes that, starting at noon , is led by 59 Club Chairman and motorcyclist Father Sergiy’s Diduk, at his Church, All Saints, Hanworth.
    All Saints Church Hanworth was originally built and consecrated by the late Reverend William Shergold in 1957, prior to his then moving on to the Church of St Mary, Eton Mission at Hackney Wick, London and the 59 Club.
    As a keen motorcyclist Father Bill, or Farv, as he was affectionately known, visited the Ace Cafe in 1962 to invite motorcyclists to attend a service and blessing of bikes at The Eton Mission, Hackney Wick  This was a great success and was widely reported on at the time.  From this the 59 Motorcycle Club, a registered church charity and motorcycle club was born, and its now revered reputation established.
    All are invited to attend this very special service and blessing of bikes, which will be held at 12noon on Saturday 7th September.
    Departing the Ace 10.30am Saturday 7th September, the route being:
     A406 , A40, A312 “Hayes By-Pass” to
    All Saints Church
    Uxbridge Road
    TW13 5EE
    Overflow parking and facilities, to include WC’s, is at the Hanworth Air Park Leisure Centre opposite the Church.
    After the Service and Blessing the “Cafe Racer Ride Out” then returns to the Ace for 2.30pm and the “Best Ridden Cafe Racer” competition judging, awards and rock n’ roll!
    See you at the Ace!
    Rev up and Ride, with the Rockers! 

  2. There are millions of game lovers around the world right now that are either thinking about or playing games. It is no surprise seeing as technology has made game playing easier and given people more access than ever before. There are pros and cons of playing games online that you should be aware of, especially if you want to enjoy it to the fullest. You’re probably reading this because you enjoy playing games, especially in the online world. On that note, find top tips for playing games online that could help enhance your experience.

    Explore Different Types

    There are multiple types of games that you can play online. This can be exciting for a game lover as you get a chance to easily try new games. Below, are a couple of popular online games that you could play.

    · FIFA: If you’re both a game and a football lover, then you have likely heard about FIFA before. This is a popular game that you can play online and with other people. To get good at playing FIFA, don’t neglect quick tactics. Also, try mastering the first touch and volley move.

    · Call of Duty: If you like action, Call of Duty happens to be another exciting game that you can play online. To become a pro Call of Duty player, practice every day, create a schedule and compete in tournaments.

    · Fortnite Battle Royale: For those looking for a free game, this is a relatively popular one. The goal of the game is to be the last man standing in the midst of a battle. It also happens to be a very social game as you can play it wi

     with your friends and can be matched up with millions of other players.

    Stay on Budget

    While you can find free games online, there are also some that you have to pay for. Depending on what games you want to play, some may be worth paying for. If you do pay for online games, look for discounts such as the ones offered on the Unibet Website. They offer money back bonuses as well as offers for new customers.

    Protect Your Identity

    It is imperative that you protect your identity, especially when you’re interacting online. There are numerous risks out there that could compromise your safety so be aware of them. Here are a few that could help.

    Don’t Give out Personal Details: Thanks to technology, you can now play with multiple people online. However, be careful to keep your personal details private such as your full name, address and card details. You can also delete personal data by deleting data or privacy settings on your social networks or deleting your cookies.

    Practice Safe Browsing: Avoid clicking on links that aren’t familiar as it could result in your data being stolen. It could also result in your devices being infected or you getting malware. You can also know whether a site is safe or not by whether they have an SSL which is the lock symbol next to a web address.

    Playing games online can be a lot of fun. Just remember that it’s even better when you explore and do so in the safest way possible.  

  3. Multiple world speed record holder, Zef Eisenberg to front brand-new ‘Speed Freaks’ television show which will make its debut on Wednesday 7 August on ITV4 at 9.00pm.

    The first 6-part TV series will be broadcast weekly thereafter following daredevil Zef Eisenberg as he scours the nation to meet fellow ‘Speed Freaks’. Whether they’ve fitted a 24,000cc W12 aero-engine into a car, or built from scratch a full Dakar off-road racer, Eisenberg gets into the mindset, behind the wheel, under the bonnet and in to the saddle of Britain’s fastest cars and motorbikes.

    Each 60-minute episode features extreme wacky vehicles, major modifications and maxed up tuning, adrenaline-filled racing action, fantastic feats of engineering combined with the lots of laughter, stress and drama – A must see for any petrolhead!

    Check out the preview here:
    The Speed Freaks show was commissioned for ITV4 by Paul Mortimer, Head of Digital Channels and is produced by Keshet Productions. Speaking on behalf of Keshet Productions David Williams said “This high-octane series features a high octane excitement, to indulge anyone with an interest in cars, motorsports and engineering. Zef’s need for speed and desire to break the Pendine land-speed record is infectious and makes for compelling viewing”.

    Each week watch Eisenberg as he challenges his own MADMAX Race Team to take a different vehicle and turn it in to the fastest machine of its kind before he braves life and limb to test it to its full potential.

    The knowledge gleaned during the shows play a crucial part in helping Zef and the MADMAX Race Team to build a crazy 1200hp specially road-legal Porsche 911 Turbo to set the all outright speed record at Pendine Sands.

    About Zef Eisenberg:
    Eisenberg best known for his motorbike exploits is a self-proclaimed ‘Speed Freak’ and no stranger to speed, he currently holds over 47 British and world land speed records including a prestigious Guinness World Record. His records include the world's fastest turbine bike (234mph), the UK's fastest (no-fairing) 'naked' bike (225.6mph), world’s fastest motorbike racer on sand ever at 201.5mph to Britain’s fastest-ever motorcycle crash at over 230mph. 
    In September 2016 Eisenberg nearly paid the ultimate price when disaster struck at 234mph during a motorcycle record attempt, riding a 560bhp Rolls-Royce jet turbine-powered motorcycle. He broke 11 bones, was hospitalised for three months, spent a further three months in a wheelchair and had to learn to walk again. He defied doctors by racing on the anniversary of the crash on the same track, and just 5 months later became the first man in history to break the 200mph barrier on sand on a motorbike when he recorded a top speed of 201.572mph at Pendine in May 2018.

  4. Sunday 11th August
    9am – 5pm
    “Speedway at the Ace” on Sunday 11th August, (courtesy of the “Speedway Museum” and the World Speedway Riders Association ) celebrates the 90th anniversary of the inauguration in 1929, in Great Britain, of the championship competition that was the forerunner of the World Championship.

    With special guests Mike Broadbank, WSRA President who rode for Wembley in the 1950s, and Bert Harkins, who was captain of the “Lions” in the 1970s, together with an array of special speedway machines from through the eras, race jackets from all the London Speedway teams, a “Gating Machine”, and a special Wimbledon display, can all be seen at The Ace alongside the cafe’s annual vintage and classic motorcycle day.
    Raffle prizes up for grabs on the day include a copy of the hard to find 120 page book “Keep Turning Left” by Roy Lambert which, with its great collection of speedway facts, is a brilliant read and is a must for all speedway fans, as well as a pair of tickets to attend the Brighton National Speed Trials, and a carton of Ace Cafe London tea!

    Spend £5 or more over the counter at the Ace from 9.30am and receive a raffle ticket, draw at 3pm.
    Speed thrills and tea spills!